E11evens - German style windscreen banner/sunstrip

E11evens - German style windscreen banner/sunstrip
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Our German style windscreen banners/sunstrips are a very sleek and race-like addition to your vehicle. Mostly suited to the German car scene (BMW, Mercedes and VAG) but can be seen one all types. Using the latest gloss premium air release vinyl, these sunstrips are the business, and do not need water to apply!

Simply clean the screen of any dirt and contamination, measure up and then lay (using a quality vinyl squeegee). Installing the banner, we would highly advise to start from the centre and squeegee out to the edges, which makes it so much easier to ensure air the air is gone. This air release system allows you to apply with ease and and totally dry, with no soapy mess like from the cheaper vinyls!

Once applied please heat corners using a hair dryer or heat gun (just a quick flash over) to ensure all is good. Then leave 12-24hr for it to set, then you're good to go!